David Ross Education Trust

“The new system has eliminated risk of human errors and improved the accuracy of our data reporting … the speed at which we are able to report is almost instant …”

It has been amazing to work with Andy. My website is up and running, it’s amazing. He’s done a brilliant job. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone.

Linda Sawyer Card For All Occasions

Great to work with Andy, very helpful and goes above and beyond in all aspects of the project!

Stefan Christie Weavabel

Wow! Fixed my issues really quickly and also helped with other software to make the custom software work. Andy fixed it for under £2k by actually LISTENING to what we needed and fixing what the actual problem was, easily and speedily saving us thousands!

Joe Smedley Red Herring Games

Andy has been a joy to work with. I would certainly recommend him to any one who is looking to update or improve their online presence just as we have.

Julie Varley Physio-Works

Amazing service, yet again from Andy. He really does go above and beyond to support clients. Thank you.

Sue Fortune Lincolnshire Community Foundation

We asked for what we thought was an impossible task, with no time in which to do it, just days before Christmas! Andy has amazed us, he is calm under pressure, reassuringly focused, and very determined when presented with a challenge!

Sonia Parsons A16 Road N Race Supplies

Andy is professional, kind and has a huge amount of patience with those of us with just enough tech knowledge to do a considerable amount of damage.

Karen Kennedy Achtis Group

the client_

We’re proud to have been working closely with David Ross Education Trust (DRET) since 2015. The trust run over 30 academies across the UK, including both primary and secondary schools, and has been recognised as one of the UK’s leaders. Each academy adds something different to the network, however one of their core focuses is sports and that’s where we step in…

the problem_

Keeping track of attendance at DRET’s extra-curricular clubs, has always been important to enable them to report on key areas. Initially, done using various spreadsheets, they were collated at the end of each term. Processing this information took 2 members of staff most of a week, due to the sheer volume and data inconsistencies. DRET needed to find a better, faster and more accurate way of generating these reports.

the solution_

We built a bespoke cloud application that every academy in the Trust could use, capable of collecting the same information as their previous spreadsheets. The system allowed unique numbers to be assigned to every student in each school and in turn for them to be registered at clubs and fixtures set up by the school. For every club and fixture, there are multiple attributes that allow for in-depth reporting such as year group and sport.


Time Saving

The system produces reports that previously took two members of staff around a week to produce by hand. Clearly this means that those members of staff can focus on the jobs that they were originally employed to do.

On-Demand Information

The system means that staff can access information at the click of a button which previously they would’ve had to wait until the end of term to access. The extra advantage of this is that trends in information can be seen and progress can be tracked more easily.

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